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Best place for convert BTC to ETH

Interest in cryptocurrency is growing all the time – someone makes a serious bet on it and invests the maximum amount of money in this direction. Someone is just trying their hand, looking closely at the possibilities of the sphere. But any user is looking for a good crypto exchanger where you can quickly and safely carry out the necessary operations. An example of a reliable site is Godex – an actively working platform that constantly offers users new tools, currencies, opportunities. 

A simple crypto exchange site without unnecessary information

Ideally, if the client just comes to the site and immediately understands his capabilities. He sees the exchanger’s reserves for each channel in all currencies; in two or three clicks he finds information about limits, user agreement, and other data important for withdrawal. Then the client immediately creates a detailed picture of what is happening.

A simple and convenient Godex converter allows you to instantly convert btc to eth – two of the most popular cryptocurrencies today. Bitcoin and Ethereum are leaders in terms of capitalization, consistently occupying the first lines of the global coin rating.

Bitcoin’s birthday is considered to be October 31, 2008, when its creator Satoshi Nakamoto generated the first coin in the huge chain today. Ethereum is much younger, it appeared in 2014. Its creator is a programmer and mathematician of Russian origin Vitalik Buterin.

The BTC / ETH pair is one of the most demanded exchange options. 

Despite the fact that both cryptocurrencies are incredibly popular, they work on fundamentally different technologies. The main difference is that if the entire Bitcoin system is only a mechanism for making transactions with their recording on the blockchain platform with the ability to generate new coins, then Ether allows you to perform any operations of any kind. 

At the same time, the exchange and all other actions are also performed without certification by any central authority or any other third party. In terms of transparency and anonymity, currency exchange and transfers are also almost identical.

Experienced traders always work with several cryptocurrencies, among which there are certainly market leaders. Therefore, the exchange of Bitcoin for Ethereum is performed much more often than other operations. On the Godex exchange, you can buy Ethereum with BTC quickly, easily and securely. When exchanging cryptocurrencies on our trading platform, you get the following benefits:

  • High speed of operations. Efficiency is provided by a powerful technical base of the cryptocurrency exchange platform.
  • Simple intuitive interface. Just enter the amount you want to give or receive in the appropriate window and click the exchange button.
  • Wide range of trading pairs. We offer all the most popular destinations, including transfers to fiat.
  • Reliable cryptocurrency wallet. Multi-factor authentication system and cold storage provide a high degree of protection against fraud.
  • Favorable exchange rate. You can monitor the price right on the converter page.

The Godex has all the necessary functionality for trading and exchange. Make money in a growing market by using the smallest difference between buy and sell prices. Use our support tools to reduce risks and increase profits – they are intuitive and provide loyal support for newcomers, and help experienced players to operate even more successfully in the market.