YEENOT Info and rules:

Here you can find some information about YEENOT.TODAY and read the rules, how to add news and get your first points:

About this project:


This project was create for people who want to find from many crypto-signals the truest one.


This project was created for crypto-community voting to decide fake or real signal is.


Also this project has a some game elements, like score, get place on leaders boards and points for users/sources/news - all of their can get a status "crypto-guru" here.

How to become a user and get a rating:





get your rating and points on

How to add news:

  1. 1) Choose source, coin, price direction, duration.
  2. 2) Add proof image, title, text, link.
  3. 3) Users can choose period, duration time for news.

Moderation rule:

  1. 1) We moderate all your news and try to do it fast as we can.
  2. 2) After our moderation you can see the status of news in your profile.

How to rate your news:

  1. 1) All can rate your news.
  2. 2) Read news, click 'real'/'fake' vote. It is your opinion about the reality, integrity, relevance and importance of news.
  3. 3) Periodical we calculate News Rating. We use users opinion plus price changing.
  4. 4) We will highlight high-rated news.

How you can get your points and get a first place:

  1. 1) We calculate your early and accurate opinion about news, popularity of your news and sources.
  2. 2) Hourly/Daily we calculate YEENOT points and upgrade place on "leaders board" to all users.
  3. 3) You can find top users here: TOP LEADER

What means source "YEENOT":

All News need source. If you want type some news, but you are not are not found the source, you can add only title and link on add news. The source will automatic add by "YEENOT", which means this source is not in list "source" on our site.

Add source:

If you owner on some source/media portal - you can add it source in your profile or write us to ,

Periodical we calculate Source Rating.

We use rating from news of this source.

Promo option:

You can promote some news, sources, coins on home page and other pages in table lists. We add a special background to your content to highlight it among other rows.

What's need to do:

add promo here

  1. 1) Select your content in your profile and choose time period to your promo (Price will calculate automatic).
  2. 2) Pay in profile with crypto or paypal. You can manage you promo status and view stats in profile.

Advertise option:

This three type of banners located on all our site, except this page, pages for news details, profile and registration pages.

If you want to advertise your project on our site please write to our email or


1) As soon as channels comes to our site and put some news, we will make a page

4) Create favorites for user who want to save some news. Use favorites stats for news rating calculation.

5) Daily distribution of points is fixed. Spend YEENOT points for vote.

6) Automatic pull of news from sources.

7) News categories filter.

8) Community integration (twitter, telegram, facebook, discord, reddit, bitcointalk and others).

9) REST API for news, sources, coins

10) Market - list of coins, exchanges with filters and Coin info page with charts and social feeds

Near future on YEENOT.TODAY:

1) Upgrade news to sharing at the social activity, integration with twitter, telegram.

2) New types of news - ICO signals, Common news, News Fight.

3) YEENOT token with airdrop for platform users and exchange to BTC/ETH and promo with YEENOT tokens.

4) New activity - like/dislike, buy/sell, news repeated

5) Exchanges Listing bot with autocreate news

6) News aggregator